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Fw: Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer 4.01!

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Von: Charles (Chuck) Oppermann <chuckop_bEi_MICROSOFT.com>
An: Wolf-Dietrich Trenner <taubblind_bEi_post.de>
Betreff: RE: Microsoft Announces Internet Explorer 4.01!
Datum: Donnerstag, 4. Dezember 1997 23:10
Mr. Trenner,
My apologies to you that the initial version of Internet Explorer did not
meet your expectations.  If you paid for the software and don't feel like
you have gotten your money's worth, you should ask for a refund.
We have released an update, called Internet Explorer 4.01 which rectifies
many of the problems people are having with the initial release of Internet
Explorer.  I do not know the localization schedule, but it will be
in Germany soon.
Charles Oppermann
Active Accessibility, Microsoft Corporation
mailto:chuckop_bEi_microsoft.com http://microsoft.com/enable
"A computer on every desk and in every home, usable by everyone!"
Wolf-Dietrich Trenner
Foerdergemeinschaft fuer Taubblinde e.V.