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Inaccessible Alt-Tags

Hallo alle!
Wolf-Dietrich stellte uns den folgenden Text zur Verfuegung:
Euch zur Kenntnis, weil es doch mal wichtig sein kann.
Liebe Gruesse, Wolf
Wolf-Dietrich Trenner
Foerdergemeinschaft fuer Taubblinde e.V.
Von: Jesse Wechsler <dawwn_bEi_EARTHLINK.NET>
Betreff: Re: Inaccessible Alt-tags
Datum: Montag, 1. Dezember 1997 09:15
Is anyone aware of a problem with inaccessible hypertext links caused by
misplacing an Alt-tag?
Is it true that by embedding the Alt-tag in the line instead of using it as
the final term on the line, screen readers are not able to decode it?
I was not aware of it as a problem, but I think the answer is yes.
In the examples you gave, you were accurate. The tag must go at the end of
the line, not embedding it within. For further info I suggest checking out:
The Trace Center Accessiblity Page seems to have a typo at the moment and
is not reachable.
Jesse  Wechsler
Owner/Moderator of the MOBILITY List